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Sculpture from a wire: a story about sculptors and photos of their works

Sculpture from a wire: a story about sculptors and photos of their works

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Wire has long been a favorite material for many talented sculptors. The material allows you to create both two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures and whole compositions.

You can create sculptures from wire both in a classical manner and in any aesthetics of the postmodern era. Wire sculptures can be illusory, rough, heavy, light, complex and as simple as possible.

The wire allows sculptors to have a different texture of the material (copper, aluminum, steel, etc.), a different color, and also a different weight of the sculpture.

English sculptor Robin White finally switched to work with wire. His series of wire fairies makes a strong impression. Light, almost weightless-looking sculptures seem so real that the viewer has a strange sensation, it seems another second and the fairy-tale heroines come to life and fly away. The amazing accuracy and use of all the advantages of the material distinguish White's creativity. And his tradition of investing an elegant stone heart in his figures is a touching memory of the artist about those times when he worked with stone.

White's fellow countryman Derek Kinzett, author of numerous wire angels and demons, believes that only wire helps to achieve real reality images. The master uses a thin wire, the complex plexuses of which give his work a light openwork and a light feeling of unreality and illusory sculptures.

The American artist Frank Plant, who lives in Spain, creates compositions in two dimensions. The subtle contours of the Plant's plot compositions are filled with deep meaning and convey a very warm and ambiguous atmosphere. The provocative works of the master were very famous.

Gavin Worth, an African American, creates his surprisingly deep compositions with minimal means. His simple contour work on wooden substrates is very expressive. Profiles, contours of woven hands, female silhouettes - the author achieves more with minimal means than other masters using more sophisticated techniques.

Italian Bendetta Ubaldini creates the so-called photographs in three dimensions. The artist creates complex multi-figured color compositions, creates a special space around them, selects light. The works of Ubaldini are a bit naive and sentimental, but performed at the highest professional level.

Korean So Mo Pak, using a tightly fitting wire, achieves the illusion of a plastic material. His compositions are distinguished by metallic luster, sculptural heaviness and complex angles. His favorite subjects are female images.

The Japanese sculptor Yuko Hishiyama works in a similar manner. But his sculptures rarely depict one figure. More often these are several grotesque male figures united by one rhythm and plot.

The bonsai trees made of wire by the sculptor Ken To are unusually graceful.

Tomohiro Inaba creates works similar in content to those of famous surrealists. His series of crumbling sculptures performed unconventionally, but very expressively and brightly.

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