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Sculptures in Sochi

Sculptures in Sochi

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Sochi is a difficult city and it has never been simple. However, there are not so many of them, so special attention should be paid to urban sculpture, more symbolic than artistic.

Of course, Lenin could not do without Lenin. The monument to the leader of the world proletariat is installed on one of the squares in the city center. The work of the sculptor Vilensky does not differ in originality, but is performed quite professionally.

Another monument of the Soviet era is the sculpture of the writer Nikolai Ostrovsky, whose creative activity is associated with the resort city. The monument is located on Kurortny Prospekt, so almost all vacationers encounter it. The emaciated face, the tense pose, the fragile physique, known to all from book portraits, all this in the work creates a surprisingly realistic and harmonious image.

The heroic image of the first astronaut was created by the sculptor Baganov. Gagarin’s marble bust is set in the park, under the canopy of the same Himalayan cedar that the astronaut planted in this place in 1961.

The monument to Pushkin in Sochi was recently installed. The local sculptor depicted the poet leaning on a small column depicting a muse. The opening of the monument was accompanied by magnificent presentations, however, the image itself leaves much to be desired. The figure itself turned out to be heavy, rough, and the realism of a well-known image is very doubtful.

In Sochi, you can find a monument to Peter the Great. Installed opposite one of the piers, the monument was made by local craftsmen Zvonov and Butaev. The king is depicted standing on the shore, with his famous cane in his hands. The sculpture was made in Minsk and installed in 2008.

The bust of Catherine the Great, installed in the courtyard of one of the schools, is a small copy of the famous monument to the Tsarina in Krasnodar.

Israeli sculptor Meisler created a sculptural group consisting of figures of Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt. The author dedicated sculpture to the cooperation of the heads of superpowers. The author plans to create several copies for gifts to the heads of Great Britain and the USA. At its core, the work was done as a three-dimensional embodiment of the famous photograph depicting the heads of the three countries of the anti-Hitler coalition during a meeting in Yalta.

Riviera park is rich in urban sculpture. The most interesting of them are Thumbelina, Beavers bench, Dachshund, Two gnomes with a bag of coins, Crow and fox. All of these works were performed by sculptors Zvonov and Butaev. Each work has an original approach, harmonious content and undoubted irony.

In addition, the Riviera Park is full of exquisite sculptural fountains. The monument to the founder of the park Vasily Khludov was erected in 2004. One of the most original monuments in Sochi is the bench of reconciliation. Arranged in such a way that the people sitting on it are constantly approaching, the bench is popular among citizens and tourists.

On the Theater Street of the city there is a monument to the Horse in a coat, made for several days by the local sculptor A. Khalafyan. An expensive coat, a glass of wine in the hoof, an expensive cigar - everything in this monument amuses and pleases passers-by.

Be sure to visit the monument to Mikhail the Archangel, examine the symbolic sculpture of the Golden Fleece. In Sochi, you can find a monument to the usurer, the heroes of the film Diamond Arm, as well as several monuments dedicated to the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

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